Awesome Gift Ideas For Lovers Of Music And Musicians

Do you know a music enthusiast but are unsure on how to approach them? This Gift Guide for Musicians and Music Lovers has been revised for 2021, so come sit by me and I’ll share it with you!
Do you have a buddy who enjoys music or is a musician but you’re not sure what to gift them for the holidays? Or do you wish to present them with a unique gift? Something more considerate than a brand-new vinyl album by one of their favorite performers.
So allow me to assist you this holiday season with my gift suggestion for musicians and music fans for the music fanatic in your life.
Trent and I are professional musicians, something many of you don’t know. We met while studying music at Belmont University, where I was a vocalist and he was a drummer. Our entire narrative is detailed here.
We have made a living from music for more than 20 years of our marriage.
Additionally, we now have two young men who are musicians.
In fact, Trent’s younger sibling studies
And sure, that implies that I house two drummers…
While we occasionally teach music, there is always one question we are asked by parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings who are unsure of where to begin when looking for the ideal present for the music enthusiast or family member in their lives.
Friends, I understand you.
These presents for musicians can help you be a rock star at finding the ideal gift for your loved one if you’re stumped and don’t know where to start.
Let’s take a deep dive into the world of music with our epic gift guide for musicians and music fans!
Consequently, let’s begin with individuals who desire to study an instrument.
The several categories of presents for musicians include those for drummers, guitarists, bassists, pianists, singers, music producers, and music fans. You’ll no doubt locate something!
I’ll also provide you access to a clickable shopping guide! For a straight connection, simply click on any picture!
Bless you if you are blessed with a drummer in your life. I completely relate to your excitement and, of course, your reluctance to bring a drum set into your house.
I said that I share a house with two drummers.
So I went to the drumming guru and inquired as to what is required to set up a beginner learner. First off, avoid the inexpensive sets, which are mostly produced by First Act.
Yes, the low price is alluring, but it would be like attempting to bake with an Easy Bake Oven. The restrictions of a cheap kit will rapidly annoy your aspiring pupil. Trent advises as follows:
For the drummer that is in it for the long haul, this is a wonderful kit. It is a reasonable choice for a high-quality set that will last for many years. For his first drum set, we gave our kid this, and he adores it!
Remember that you will need stands to mount the cymbals on and cymbals to crash with. The drummer’s seat on the drum throne is another addition.
Real kit? Is it too much for you? The option of an electric kit is always available. Even while it won’t be exactly like a real set, this might be a nice place to start to gauge your aspiring drummer’s enthusiasm.
Giving gig bags as a present is another concept. These are an excellent solution for the drummer who needs to transport their instrument safely.
Other original gift suggestions for musicians
A lesson with a local music instructor or professional musician – A record shop gift card for the audiophiles in your life – An iTunes gift card to download their current favorite song an artist
Provide your teen with a jam session.
I thus hope that my gift guide for music lovers and musicians will help you get started.
The simplest approach to show someone you care is to acknowledge their love of music. The best presents are those that you know they’ll love!
Giving them a functional present will also give you the ultimate cool factor status, which is a plus!
Leave a comment below with any other suggestions you have for our gift guide for musicians, and I’ll be sure to update the list!

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